Experienced Breeders


Welcome to Balland's Tortoise Ranch.  We are experienced breeders of a large variety of tortoises, from some of the largest, African Spurred Tortoises,  to some of the smallest, box turtles. 

We are located in Buckeye, Arizona. Owned and operated by Paul and Deanne Balland.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Adult Sulcata Tortoise with hatchling riding on his head

Here at Balland's Tortoise Ranch we take pride in producing healthy, strong tortoise hatchlings of many breeds: Ivory Sulcata, Sulcata, Leopard (Pardlis and Babcocki), Red-footed, Yellow-footed, Russian, Hermann's, Box Turtles, Indian Stars and Spekes Hingeback.

Ivory Sulcata Tortoise


 In May of 2018 Balland's Tortoise Ranch had the opportunity to purchase Richard Fife's original line of breeding stock of Ivory Tortoises--a dark eyed form of albino African Spurred Tortoise.

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